Pause Guitare 2023

Pause Guitare in Albi

From the 5th to the 10th of July 2022

The Pause Guitar Festival is a French music festival that takes place every year in Albi during the first fortnight of July in the large park of Pratgraussals.

Pause Guitare is now the first song and current music festival in Midi-Pyrénées, as well as the first event in the Tarn. It is a unique event in the Grand Sud in terms of the number of people received, its artistic quality and its reception conditions, all audiences combined. The festival is a cultural actor of the territory by reaching an essentially regional public and also plays a role in the tourist attractiveness of Albi by being part of its cultural policy. The city finds itself in the colors of the festival for a week.

Pause Guitare is a festival for all with :

    Different stages spread out in the city center, its surroundings and on the Leisure Centre of Pratgraussals.
    Free / Paid concerts
    A place for all artists, from internationals to locals, from song to hip-hop.

In addition to the big stage and its big names, the festival also stands out for its alternative programming, allowing many artists who are not spotted and off the usual media trail to be exposed to the public during opening acts or on the discovery stages. Arpèges & Trémolos is constantly in search of the "rare pearl", and is committed to promoting discovery in the field of song. Pause Guitare plays the game of the "little ones" and promotes French-speaking song, at a time when the hegemony of the English language is in the majority, through several actions:

    Welcoming music professionals to the discovery stages
    Several international partnerships on artistic dissemination, particularly with Quebec and Acadia, in order to make known the wealth of artists from the Canadian Francophonie.
    Work and support for year-round singing: creation of "LaBelle chanson", discovery of chanson artists at all the events organized by the association, etc.
    The promotion of emerging artists on free stages, allowing them to be visible to the general public.