Passe ton Bach 2020

PASSE TON BACH D'ABORD – Festival of classical music

June 12 to 14, 2020

During a whole weekend, the concerts invest in 30 heritage or unusual places. 100 concerts and events based on the music of J. S. Bach.

Pass your Bach first takes up a new challenge: to allow everyone to master the most complex mode of musical composition, counterpoint, an art in which J.-S. Bach was a master, consisting of the stacking of melodies one on top of the other, each one following its own path while at the same time harmonising with its neighbours. Thanks to a vocal workshop open to the public, a show where dance and video will symbolize these intertwined lines, a participative concert, or a concert-reading, everyone will be able, at the end of the weekend, to become champion of counterpoint! And so all the better to appreciate the great works of J.-S. BACH which will be proposed to him: the Off rande musicale, the Art of the Fugue or the Well-tempered Keyboard, played by 48 students of the Toulouse Conservatory. Without forgetting the grains of sand that will be slipped by facetious artists, from Bernardo SA N DOVA L to the juggler Jive FAU RY. The festival will end with the interpretation by the Ensemble Baroque de Toulouse at the Halle aux Grains of the absolute masterpiece by Jean-Sébastien BACH, the testament of a lifetime: the Mass in B minor.