Exotic pets: the new pets 


From the 07/05/2016 to 06/18/2017

Discover unsual pets 

Over the past thirty years, a number of exotic and wild animals have joined our familiar companions (birds, fish, small rodents) to form what are known as New Pets or NAC. In a perpetual evolution, this dynamic phenomenon goes far beyond our borders and raises many questions of society. Its scale has given rise to an extremely lucrative economy, partly fueled by natural sampling that degrades biodiversity and local ecosystems. However, beyond the questions of ethics, the constraints to host a NAC are numerous, be they sanitary, regulatory, material or financial. The new exhibit of the Museum, presented on the first floor, seizes this phenomenon and addresses the multiple issues related to new pets. In an immersive, interactive and playful way, you are invited to visit an apartment full of NAC! Attention, some of them have slipped into the furniture, it's up to you to flush ... EXPO-FILE on the 1st floor. Access included in the entrance ticket to the permanent exhibition.