Logo Festival MAP

MAP – Photography Festival

May 2020

Democratized thanks to the progress of digital technology and the emergence of smartphones, this festival aims to be accessible to all. For the occasion, the art of photography takes place in several places in the city.



1. Annual artistic event in Toulouse dedicated to photography.

2. A free festival aimed at democratizing photography to the greatest number and raising public awareness of the discipline.

3. A real springboard, in 11 years he has discovered more than 29 young talents.

4. Rendez-vous de référence, has exhibited, since 2008, more than 65 renowned photographers

e.g.: Guillaume Chiron, Bertrand Desprez, Olivier Culmann, Gérard Rondeau, Richard Dumas, Raymond Depardon, Martin Parr,...

5. Place of life where many highlights take place

e.g. mediations, concerts, MAP brunches,...

6. A nomadic event that revisits the heritage of Toulouse every year.

e.g.: the Halles de la Cartoucherie de Toulouse, the Paul Dupuy Museum, the EDF Bazacle, the Quai de le Daurade,...