International Film Festival of the Rights of Man – Film Festival

January 11 to 24, 2020

This festival raises public awareness of the various issues related to the defence and promotion of human rights.

From 11 to 24 January 2020, the second edition of the Cinema and Human Rights Festival will take place in Toulouse and the surrounding area.

Six organisations (Amnesty International, CCFD-Terre solidaire, Ecole des Droits de l'Homme, Médecins Sans Frontières, Médecins du Monde and Les Amis du Monde diplomatique) supported by numerous partners, including students from Sciences Po Toulouse, are mobilising to organise the second Film and Human Rights Festival, following on from the ten regional editions of the International Human Rights Film Festival.

Once again this year, discrimination and the rights of women, migrants and minorities will be at the heart of this film festival.

Extra-judicial executions, police violence, arms sales, or walls that lock up are repressive mechanisms are subjects that the organisers wanted to discuss with you without forgetting the alienation of liberties through property rights.

And because the hope of a better world remains a concern for all, they also propose to evoke it through dreams, reconciliation or our common future on a threatened planet.

At the end of the films, a discussion-debate is organized with the participation of specialists from the country or subjects dealt with. The organisation of these discussions is divided between the organising associations according to their expertise (knowledge of the country and/or the theme). Partner associations, filmmakers and academics are also invited to take part in the debates.

Have a good festival, come and see and debate!