Exhibition : dogs and cats

chiens et chats

from the 10/04/2016 to 06/04/2016

What do you know about cats and dogs ? 

You will come out less stupid. Kitten or bichon, doggy or kitty, feline or canine, clebs or matou, dogs and cats have been with us for millennia. During the 20th century, these tender animals shifted from domestic animal to pet, housed, fed and mended by humans. It is today a true phenomenon of society in the United States, Brazil, Japan and France where there are more than 7 million dogs and 11 million cats! But do we really know them? How did they take that place? Recent research into their behavior leads us to take a fresh look at them and our relationships. By visiting "Dogs & Cats, the expo", you will be surprised by their abilities, their sensitivity and their intelligence. You will be able to slip "into their skin", "into their heads", before exploring the nature of our relationships "in society". Discover a unique interactive and sensory experience enriched with specimens from our collections. An exhibition to play and know adapted to all! IN THEIR SKIN: There are 343 dog breeds and 74 cat breeds. These are all sizes, aspects, abilities and genetic characteristics to explore. Come face your own physical abilities to those of your favorite companions: jumping, relaxing, speed, slalom ... will you be as good as them? From rottweiler to poodle to fox terrier the impressive morphological diversity of dogs and cats hides a common origin. The history of domestication brings us answers. IN THEIR HEAD: But what's going on in their heads? How do you see, smell, hear dogs and cats? Experience it by immersing yourself in their sensory universes. Immersion in a scaled-down environment to understand their emotions, their way of communicating and their behavior. Can you interpret their mimicry and bodily attitudes? Test your ability to understand them and interact with them. Be careful, they do not always do what you want! IN SOCIETY: They populate our homes, our streets, our imagination and even our proverbs. They have been inspiring artists for millennia. Enter the decor of a street and an apartment to take the full measure of this coexistence. Discover the animal that cures and accompanies the sick or handicapped human, the animal idol of marketing and the cute gadget, the rights of our animals. Quiz, videos and games await you, alone or in a team.


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